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It all started in 2011, when author James Breiding launched the first edition of Swiss Made: The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success. It is the first book to research in great depth and detail how Switzerland developed from being a poor country, with difficult topography and hardly any raw material, into the most competitive country in the world. Using hundreds of interviews with the most intriguing people, Swiss Made reveals the stories that are behind these remarkable achievements.


About the author and founder

R. James Breiding is the owner and founder of Naissance Capital, a Zurich investment firm. He has master’s degrees from the Harvard Kennedy School and IMD in Lausanne. For several years he wrote for The Economist on Swiss issues. He has been elected a fellow by Harvard University’s Centre for International Development in connection with his research on Swiss Made. He holds dual Swiss and US citizenship


  Achievements so far  

  • Swiss Made has been translated into 8 languages (Arabic, Mandarin, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Vietnamese) so far and has sold over 200,000 copies in total.

  • Only top brands that embody Swissness (i.e. reliability and accuracy) are included.

  • Swiss Made promotes Swissness in a language area that covers 75% of the world's population (this includes forthcoming publications in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Korean).

  • 60 Swiss embassies present the book as a diplomatic gift.

  • Different Federal Councilors have written the foreword to each language edition (e.g. Ignazio Cassis for the Italian version and Johann Schneider-Ammann for Spanish and Chinese).

  • In 2014, Pro Helvetia awarded Swiss Made the best publication on Swiss values.

  • Financial support of 40 Swiss companies & organizations.


Voices on the book


Uli Sigg, Entrepreneur & Art Collector

If I wasn’t already a passionate Swiss citizen, then I would certainly become one after reading this book! These well-written stories of entrepreneurs form an intriguing foundation for a very accessible macro-economic analysis, bringing across the image of a dynamic Switzerland 

Professor Rudolf Minsch, Chief Economist, Economie Suisse


“This well-written book provides the reader with astonishing insights about how a considerable number of small Swiss enterprises in different industries could rise to become leading global players

Lee Kuan Yew, Former Prime Minister of Singapore

“Switzerland and Singapore are on opposites of the world, draw each on their unique histories and are in many respects very different socio-political gardens. But both have shown that differences in language, religion or culture can be subdued by the identity of common interests, where man is rewarded on the basis of merit and effort

Lawrence Summers, President Emeritus of Harvard University

“At a moment when European capitalism is on the defensive in many places, this important book makes a very strong case for the Swiss model. All of those concerned with the future of economics should carefully consider this book

Other Promotional activities

Book launch events

In addition to promoting Swissness and Swiss Businesses via the book itself, Swiss Made carries out numerous events around the globe in collaboration with the Swiss embassies and other organisations. The aim is to help further promote Swissness, Swiss companies and their achievements


We continue to give lectures at leading universities on the same subject. 


We regularly publish articles raising the awareness of Swiss achievements in important journals throughout the world


The movement Grows

Swiss Made is growing into much more than a book. James Breiding and his associates from business, academia and administration are mobilising a movement, promoting companies, institutions and authorities of all levels via the following channels:


New and updated language versions of the Swiss Made book

The next editions coming out will be Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, revised English and Korean. With the existing language versions, Swiss Made serves an area covering approximately 75% of the world’s population.


Matterhorn Swiss Magazine for Asia:

Print & digital

The new top-quality insert/magazine along the lines of 'How to Spend it' capitalizes on the Swissness appeal in Asia and the Middle East. Matterhorn addresses a large, highly targeted audience of (U)HNWI via print and digital, combining classic ads and content marketing. This provides our advertising partners with a highly effective pan Asian marketing solution "at the push of a button"


Events and Symposia

Swiss Made organises around 6-8 events per year, offering its supporters a platform to meet, network and exchange with top representatives from politics, business and culture. In November and December 2018, we welcomed founder of Infosys Narayana Murthy for a talk on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership, and Professor Kishore Mahbubani to the topic "Has the West Lost It" at the University of Zurich


Our journey - from book to movement:


Join the Swiss Made Movement

Over the years, Swiss Made’s success and positive impact was made possible only with the support of its numerous partners. Soon, Swiss Made will be available in 12 languages, covering the vast majority of potential readers around the globe. While continuing to publish new language versions based on the need of our supporters, we are shifting into a mode of periodic revisions to keep the content updated and fresh, thereby, also opening up the possibility of including additional Swiss success stories to the collection.

To support the growing movement, we are undertaking numerous complimentary activities. Amongst other initiatives, we feature lectures of prominent people on themes relevant to all of us and share publications raising the awareness of Swiss achievements in important journals throughout the world. Therefore, we are converting our model to a modest annual contribution to support our ongoing activities.

We hope that the importance of our objective and our record of achievement in this regard justifies your support. Together, we can ensure that Swissness, Switzerland and your company get the best possible representation and promotion under the Swiss Made brand around the globe.

Join the Swiss Made Movement and profit from the following advantages:


The extensive presentation of your organization's success story in the book in all new and revised language versions and new editions


The distribution of the book as a diplomatic gift in around 60 Swiss embassies around the world.


Amount of free  books per year and 40% discount on further orders


Free participation and branding/promoting at the numerous Swiss Made events and symposia


Positive coverage in various guest articles by R.James Breiding in Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and others. 


Attractive discounts and a free social media campaign via our new Swissness promotion platform "Matterhorn" targeting high net worth individuals with high affinity for Swissness around the globe (but with the focus on Asia and Middle East)


R. James Breiding

Author of Swiss Made

CEO and Founder –

The Swiss Made Movement

Bernard Winterhalter

Chief Operating Officer -

The Swiss Made Movement

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