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In the following media you can find articles about Swiss Made.

The media coverage of Wirtschaftswunder Schweiz can be found here.



"Un regard américain sur la Suisse"

L'Agefi, 04.01.2013



"Das Geheimnis des Schweizer Erfolgs"

Economie Suisse, 07.01.2013



Swiss Made, By R James Breiding. Review in "The Independent"

The Independent, January 2013



The Unbearable Vanity of Davos.

By R. James Breiding

The Wall Street Journal, 23.01.2013




Radio interview with R. James Breiding (mp3)

CNBC UK, 21.01.2013



"Le succes suisse? Un état faible, une industrie forte"

L'Hébdo, 07.02.2013




Ignore that lumbering EU. Be a global pirate

By R. James Breiding

Times, 19.02.2013




Author “sets the story straight” with new book

SwissInfo, 13.04.2013



Swiss Made. The untold story behind Switzerland's success

Foreword Reviews, 18.04.2013




Switzerland: A Free-Market Model for Europe?

Video of a panel on "Swiss Made" at the Cato Foundation, 23.04.2013




Business Insight: The secret behind Switzerland's success

Interview with R. James Breiding on World Radio Switzerland, 01.05.2013




Bottom Line: Money Laundering: On the noble origins of Swiss Bank Secrecy

Interview with R. James Breiding on xinmsn Radio, Singapore (podcast), 30.05.2013

A Matter of Taste and Millions

Wall Street Journal, 21.06.2013


Yes, he played dirty – but Marc Rich also changed the world

Financial Times, 27.06.2013




Even if Federer’s Game Wanes, His Moneymaking Potential May Not

New York Times,


Die Schweiz und die USA – was läuft falsch?

NZZ, 13.11.2013




L’histoire commune des Américains et des Suisses

Le Temps, 13.11.2013





Outlawing high pay will cost Switzerland dear

Financial Times, 20.11.2013


Jung, begabt und entschlossen

Basler Zeitung, 07.02.1014





Young, gifted and pirouetting

The Economist, 04.02.2014

Die Heiligen der Credit Suisse

Weltwoche, 22.06.2014