Swiss Made - The Untold Story Behind Switzerland's Success

Why has Switzerland - a tiny, land-locked country with few natural advantages - become so successful for so long at so many things? In banking, pharmaceuticals, machinery, even textiles, Swiss companies rank alongside the biggest and most powerful global competitors. How did they get there? How do they continue to refresh themselves? Does the Swiss'Sonderfall' (special case) provide lessons others can learn and benefit from? Can the Swiss continue to perform in a hyper-competitive global economy?

Swiss Made offers answers to these and many other questions about the country as it describes the origins, structures and characteristics of the most important Swiss companies. The authors suggest success is due to a large degree to sound entrepreneurial thinking and an openness to new ideas. And they venture a surprising forecast on the country's ability to keep pace in an age of globalisation.

Swiss Made combines financial awareness with detailed understanding of Switzerland’s strengths as it focuses on fourteen individual business sectors to show how this remarkable success has been achieved.

Already the third edition of "Swiss Made" has been printed since its launch in May 2013. You can place a bulk order now (also for customized versions).


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